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          Abacus Property Management
          Adding Value by Technology
          Guaranteed by our Fees

          We realise the use of Technology is not enough, we have to be innovative. We are proud to be the first in everything good. The first to conduct remote council meeting in an hour, the first to implement electronic polling in AGM, the first to implement on the job interview to minimise employment fraud, the first to monitor site team happiness index and the first to charge our clients based on outcome model, true to the spirit Mighty Abacus (MA). We have no competition, only competitors.

          Pengxi County


          China Times

          Jiading Zhen


          Luzhou Town


          Pudong Xinxiang

          Hailing District

          Tuoli Township Yumin Township


          Jizhou Xiang

          Hefei Online

          Tian Bojun


          The Managing Director's Office ensures effective corporate governance of the organisation. It also provides leadership guidance and support in co-ordination and deployment of resources.

          Abacus Property understands that the ownership of any property, be it a single unit or multiple ownership, is a source of pride but at the same time, not without its problems associated with it.

          We ensure the client’s development/ property remains a source of pride without the troubles of maintaining it. We place great emphasis on effective property management to protect and enhance the value of our client’s investment

          The management of a Real Estate Investment must be positive. The development must always be maintained at the highest possible standard. It would require an appreciation of all factors from short to long term

          As a premier technology driven property management consultant, we understand the importance of enhancing the value of your esteem estate and its environment by benchmarking ourselves with technology and better best practices. Our commitment to delivery with cost effective results.


          Longgang Town


          Abacus Property is an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited and award-winning industry leader with portfolio value of more than S$10 billion, in excess of 50,000 units and 10,000,000 sf of residential, industrial commercial, hostel and government properties including Sports SG and SMU. 

          Ahead of the curve with over a decade of proven track record, we offer integrated solutions across the Real Estate value chain.  

          We have developed and improved over time; a system of monitoring, check and balances that has given us an advantage to maintain a consistent quality assurance program to achieve better living standards for our clients.

          Here is why we are different.

          1. Our First Response team comprises of Managers that can be deployed on-site anywhere and anytime, allows us to have an edge over our competition.

          2. We are driven by productivity excellence and combine proven experience with efficiency, constantly striving for Go-Green approach to minimize maintenance and operating costs for our client.

          3. Having gone through due diligence check by our government clients serves to validate our company’s service quality and competency in the industry. 

          4. Our panel of lawyers are specialized in construction law, BMSMA and acted for estate related cases. We are in a better position to advice clients especially on claims matters.

          5. Our approved panel of vendors program are tapped from more than 1000 companies in our network. We manage vendors more efficiently and cost effective by using a vendor management system to call for tender.

          6. Our task management system ensures all tasks including your vendors, are followed up with datelines. It allows real time reporting to client and reduce adhoc emails, text messages and phone calls enquiry.

          7. As a People Developer, our focus in staff training ensures quality assurance sustainability to both tenants and clients. Any gaps in skill set by our staff are closely monitored and improvement related training are identified.

          8. Each client is assigned an experienced M & E servicing team to cater to emergency situations, a meticulous Accounts team for estate accounting, a Portfolio Manager in charge of special projects eg. energy audit, claims and investigation and a Director to oversee operations and preparation of AGM.

          9. We are well known among our clients for our strong HQ support to both our clients and our site team.

          10. We guarantee client satisfaction with our fees. We are client selective and limit to 5 new clients a year.


          To provide integrated, high value-added asset management services to our clients by focusing on reliability, accountability, service and innovation.

          Ergen Kyaw

          To be acknowledged as the leading Technology Asset Management company, inspiring others to advance and better best practices.

          Laizhou Zhen

          Through 'Adding Value to Your Real Estate. Driven by Technology', we will revolutionize with new ways to attain higher positive value in your asset.

          Changle Township

          Core values are the foundation of our culture. They also represent the key beliefs common to our businesses in which we operate. They support how we do business, how we treat our stakeholders and how we interact in the workplace. The core values of APM are communicated throughout the Group, and are defined to employees as follows:

          We value our people

          Doing what is right

          Through acquisition, development, management and marketing of properties

          We embrace openness, trust, teamwork and relationships

          To achieve superior business results by stretching our potential. We pride ourselves in setting trends, raising standards and aiming for excellence in our services

          We value our communities, customers and suppliers' relationship with us

          Liaozhong Zhen


          Royston is the Executive Director of Abacus Property Management, oversees the full spectrum of property management services since 2008 to the business touchstone it is today. He is in charge of the company’s Regional Business Development, Legal and Operations Management. 

          He represents Abacus Property as a corporate member and is in the executive committee of Association of Strata Managers (ASM). He is also a member of International Facility Management Association (IFMA). He serves in the executive committee of Credit Collection Association of Singapore (CCAS). 

          He graduated with Bachelor Science in Economics from University of London, a Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce from Nanyang Polytechnic and an Advanced Leaders Programme from Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University.

          Heilongjiang TV Station

          We are a member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI), an internationally renowned business organisation and the apex body of the Chinese business community in Singapore. We leverage on their extensive membership network and actively participate in local business community and contributing to the economic, educational, cultural and community development in Singapore.

          We are honoured to be part of Association of Strata Managers (ASM). As a member, we are constantly striving our best to provide the best management service to our clients while aligning closely with the policies, regulatory framework, guidelines and best practices of relevant Government authorities, stat boards and technical departments and seeks to collaborate with them to establish a robust training and coaching curriculum for the strata industry.


          We are officially certified by Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) Singapore as a BizSafe Level 4 entreprise. From top management demonstrating their commitment towards WSH, to acquiring risk management capabilities, we have attained all the required stats to clinch this honour.

          Abacus Property is honored to be accredited with the latest ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certification which helps organizations demonstrate to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality. It also acts as a tool to streamline our processes and make us more efficient in what we do. ISO 9001: 2015 allows Abacus Property to adapt to a changing world. It endorses our organization’s ability to satisfy its customers and provides a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success.


          As an honored IFMA member, Abacus Property gain instant credibility with the IFMA brand and by becoming part of the world's largest community of facility management professionals. As the leader in the industry we have put our research, resources and support in your hands.


          Ge Jiamao

          I. ASSET MANAGEMENT Hexi Town

          Our Asset Management team unlock and create our clients' asset repositioning and enhancement strategies. 

          We provide asset services and proactive asset management encompassing strategic asset plan, yield maximization and asset enhancement initiatives, leasing and marketing, facilities / property management, refurbishment and capex plan, retail management and tenant engagement across the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. These services help to maximize our clients' return on investment and align key property assets with their overall business strategies.

          Our Asset Manager ensures assets are maintained to the best leasable state; walk through viewings, takeovers, preparing for new tenancies. We liase with authorities, leasing service providers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, auditors contractors and insurers on property related matters. We advice property tax assessments for objection or appeal and file your property tax vacancy claims. We ensure records of all feedbacks and maintain all licenses and registrations required by law.

          We collect rent and services charge due from tenants and provide monthly funds movement report to clients. We liase with tenants in all matters relating to lease agreements, both global and local firms, foreign funds, property developers and owners, private investors and traditional high-net-worth families. We prepare periodic market reports on sales and rentals to assess clients' asset performance against market trend.

          Shandong Province

          Our primary objectives are reducing costs, standardizing operations and improving the quality of facilities related services for our clients.

          Our team have decades of experience in the integration of multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace tailored to meet your expectations.

          Our property management services cover all areas and asset types from shopping centres, residential to industrial portfolios, our team provide advice on a range of services from strata management to asset management.

          Baidu map

          We provide a single point of coordination for outbound destination services to high end expatriate clients pertaining to leased properties & furniture matters. We will go through a systematic analysis of client's objectives, key deliverables and expectation to be met.

          We offer complete personal administrative coordination and advisory support to client companies and respective lessees, arranging repairs, vetting of tenancies, negotiating lease renewal, extensions and terminations with planning and budget setting for housing allowances.

          Huicheng Town

          We plan, implement and supervise daily operation and quality of work performed by creative and soft services ambassadors such as areas of premise general maintenance, transportation, housekeeping and lifestyle with primary focus of constant improvement to creature comforts.

          We assist clients in the tendering process for contracting vendors such as housekeeping, transportation and procurement of goods and services such as obtaining new furniture and appliances. 

          We work with clients' Interior Design department for interim and proposed work space allocation management in existing and future premise with the use of Computer Aided Design tools. We attend management meeting to communicate relevant project information to all stakeholders and chair site meetings with external facilities vendors and projects team.

          Xi'an Network

          We are an accomplished service engineering company with various overseas and local experience dealing with mechanical, electrical and electronics field. We work with M&E installer and architect in architectural finishes and have completed many large project for clients which are not limited to 7 Eleven, Cold Storage renovation of attic floor level, oversee M&E system installation, lighting & electrical installation, waterproofing work, St Andrew’s Community Hospital for M&E and waterproofing work, St. Regis Hotel for electrical system, lighting system and general building works and ITE West for construction, road safety and signage work.

          Tianmen Zhen

          Service is the heart of our business. We have a young and eager team ready to serve you with efficiency and high service standards to ensure that service excellence is achieved daily. 

          Whether it is a luxury residential property, condominium or commercial office, expect only the highest service standards and we are confident that our team will supersede them.

          Our operation philosophy is, "we clean your estate like our very own".


          We provide training to council members, estate accounting, BMSMA and site staff.

          Class commencement date is on the first and Wed of the month. Venue is at Grand Hyatt.

          1. Council Members roles and responsibilities

          2. BMSMA effective Feb 2019 and STB cases

          3. Estate Accounting

          4. Roles and Responsibilities of site staff


          Cheng E Cheng

           · By using a cloud-based vendor management system to call for tender and manage existing contracts, we have access to island wide clients with a click of a button to Invitation to Quote (ITQ) for the various services required by your clients.
           · Your company information will be available to all our Property Managers and your clients.
           · You will have the opportunity to showcase your company information on our website under Approved Vendor program to a wider audience
          · AAV eliminates the need to continually submit the same information to various Abacus Property’s portfolio project during Call for Tender.

          We have a strict vendor selection criteria and a formal due diligence process helps us to manage quality while ensuring our clients receive the best and quickest service levels possible. There are requirements to becoming approved, including verification of insurance coverage, abiding by our Vendor Terms and Conditions, and ensuring that appropriate business licenses are in place. This is a process we go through to feel your company will take great care of our clients and residents.  

          We look forward to our partnership.

          CLEANINGJinggu Yi and Dong Autonomous Township

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          • Orion Cleaning Services
          • LT Xquisit
          • T.M. Services
          • Everyday Cleaning Services Pte Ltd
          • The Helping Hand Landscape Cleaning Services
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          • Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd
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          • Suanyi General Contractor
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          • Chiang Kiong Environmental Pte Ltd
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          • Evergreen Landscape & General Construction
          • Sembwaste Pte Ltd
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          FIRE PROTECTIONDujimingyuan

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          • Able Fire Control Pte Ltd
          • Execellent Fire Services Pte Ltd
          • Bees Building Services Pte Ltd
          • Firetronics (S) Pte Ltd
          • Celtec Systems Pte Ltd

          GENERAL BUILDING WORKDeng Zhengqing

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          • IGM Construction (S) Pte Ltd
          • Dec Contracts Pte Ltd
          • Gates Internationale Pte Ltd
          • SMS Building Pte Ltd
          • Mastermark Pte Ltd

          GENERAL MAINTENANCEMinhou County

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          • Kone Pte Ltd
          • Crank Power Engineering Pte Ltd
          • Ada Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
          • M2 Power
          • E-Tech Building Services Pte Ltd
          • JF Air Conditioning & M&E Services
          • Long Win Aircondition Engineering Pte Ltd
          • Tubmaster refinishing Pte Ltd
          • Chris-Ray Engineering Pte Ltd

          GYM MAINTENANCENeihuangzhen

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          • F1 Recreation Leasing Pte Ltd
          • Fitness Core-ner Pte Ltd

          LANDSCAPEYang Cuiling

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          • Evergreen Landscape & General Construction
          • GreenGarden Landscape & General Contractor Pte Ltd
          • Far East Florist & Landscape Construction Pte Ltd
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          • Summer Pond Landscaping Pte Ltd
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          • P &V Park View Garden & Landscape Services
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          • Kok Star Electrical Engineering
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          LIFT MAINTENANCEBut the father

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          PEST CONTROLTianquan Town

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          SECURITY SYSTEMSQujing City

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          SWIMMING POOLChangyi Township

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          WATERPROOFINGHulin Town

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          • Choo Boo Siang Spray Painting

          INSURANCEIlgen Roy

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          • China Taiping Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
          • Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd
          • AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd

          Zhunge'er Township

          We will like you to attest testimonials to us just like what we have from our clients:

          Kaohsiung town

          In a short four months, Abacus Property Management has proven to be a good choice of managing agent. The team was quick to acclimatize themselves to the estate, and worked hard to manage our service partners, as well as our residents' expectations.

          They proved they were able to resolve disputes well. Our MC was able to make quick decisions because of their in-depth knowledge of estate management matters. In all, we are pleased to have engaged Abacus Property Management.

          9th Management Council MCST 3534


          Since Abacus Property Management took over, the standard in the estate has improved tremendously. They cleared the backlogs in a sturdy and speedy manner which slowly gain the trust of the council. In addition, they have spotted many faults and gaps which the previous Managing Agent failed to do.

          They are well versed in developer items and also help to mitigate the developer issues in the estate. One of it is a big scale project by getting the developer to re-install the fins which worth more than $150,000. 

          They manage the day to day operation with professionalism and possess great customer service skills which win the heart of the residents. My residents felt a significant difference from the previous Managing Agent.

          Unlike other Managing Agents, they have a very strong, responsive and dedicated HQ management team who were constantly involved. They worked as a team and supported each other well.

          Overall, we are pleased with the standard of service and we will propose to have other estates engage Abacus Property Management as their trusted Managing Agent. 

          2nd Management Council MCST 4528

          Diebu Town, Luqu Town

          Abacus Property Management PL was appointed by Sport Singapore to run the Recovery Centre Altitude House (RCAH) starting from 15 Jan 2018. RCAH is a 56-bedder facility. The running of the RCAH included the programming of access cards, preforming check-in and check-out services for overseas and local national athletes, and to maintain a high level of cleanliness of the premises.

          In a short period since Sport Singapore has appointed Abacus Property Management PL, we found them to be a responsible Facility Management Company. Their team has seamlessly managed the RCAH, checked in a few sport teams and liased with our National Sport Associations well.

          Their Executive Director Royston attends important meetings with us and provides strong oversight for their area of work.

          Deputy Director
          NSA Business Centre
          Singapore Sports Institute

          Youyi Township

          Since Temporary Occupation Permit was obtained in 2015, we face numerous façades and building issues as with most new estates. We have a hard time pursuing claims and defects to be rectified by the main contractor and developer as their action taken were not proactive and the developer was firm in their stand on some issues that were escalated.

          Abacus Property Management HQ advise council with due diligence and our site team has both operation and technical experience to manage our estate. All this while, they are consistent and demonstrated professionalism. Within a short period of time, many issues were resolved and claims begin to pick up its progress.

          Some of the noteworthy milestones are:

          -   Negotiated for an up-to-standard fire lobby door in all lobbies from the developer.

          -   The estate has unusually high-water bills from 2016 – 2017. Abacus Property Management managed to secure a substantial portion of claims from the government authority and is pursuing the balance amount from the developer.

          -   Abacus Property Management went the extra mile to implement a facility management app which will allow real-time defects report to the developer. These defects reports are prepared by the team during their daily inspection and caters to residents’ feedback.

          We expect them to continue this standard and to other potential estates that Abacus are awarded the project with.”

          2nd Management Council MCST 4323

          Fenghuang Color Network

          Our estate has engaged several management companies over the years, but Abacus Property Management has shown they are highly regarded among real estate professionals.  We are impressed by the breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm of their staff deployed to our estate.  We appreciate their proactive resolution of estate matters, something we found lacking at other management companies we've engaged.

          Abacus Property Management is re-appointed by the incoming council after AGM and has been consistent in discharge of their duties. We know that when we contact Abacus Property, our concerns or questions will be addressed quickly and thoroughly and we will be treated with patience and courtesy.”

          7th Management Council MCST 3398

          Jianggan Zhen

          Although there were some minor incidents of service disruptions during the first two months, the dedication and diligence of the site team at Sunglade Condominium enabled the transition to be in good order. After 7 months of service, the site team from Abacus achieved a good performance level with potential to attain a higher score.

          One other good aspect of Abacus worth mentioning in this document is the Senior Management representatives who are not stationed in Sunglade also demonstrate eagerness to lend support to the site team to boost morale.

          I am happy to recommend to any MCST who considers appointing a new Management Agent to also consider Abacus.

          12th Management Council MCST 2874

          Beilin District

          Being the second largest estate in Singapore with its over 4000 teeming residents, managing our estate effectively and efficiently has never been easy. Your team however has always been working hard to keep our estate well managed. As ours is an ageing estate with escalating cost, we truly appreciate your usual support to our continued efforts to keep the same in check.

          I will like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for working closely with me and my council colleagues to keep our estate a vibrant, safe, clean and enjoyable community!

          17th Management Council of MCST 2203

          Duan Qianxu

          In the first week of taking over in the management of the estate, during this critical transformation period, Abacus effectively took control of all our existing contractors without any issues, uncovered discrepancies with the manpower of the Security Guards, proposed numerous preventive measures and reviewed our existing SOPs.

          Abacus managed to a surplus of 3.4% of our operating budget through better negotiating contracts skills, efficient management and cost savings in the rejuvenation of an ageing estate.

          It is a testimony to their slogan, “Adding value to your real estate”. A promise that can be seen and is fulfilled  everyday without doubt.

          18th Management Council of MCST 2208

          Minquan County, Xiayi County

          I’d like to express my appreciation to Abacus Group for their excellent work in one of our commercial properties they managed at 115 King George Avenue.

          We are highly appreciative of their work; we needed to regularize everything that had not been done for years. I feel they have gone far and beyond their initial scope ascertained.

          I am confident about their knowledge in Facility Management and I can surely recommend Abacus Property to commercial property investors.

          Counterpoint Investments

          Mancheng Township

          Their dedication to provide professional advice and attention to detail have aided in keeping the Management Corporation maintenance and finance status on track.

          I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a responsible and conscientious Managing agent.

          15th Management Council of MCST 2479

          Lingbao City

          It was a right move that MCST 2644 engaged Abacus Property Management as Managing Agent for Tampines Court. There have been too many occasions to enumerate in which the council have found that their work to be beyond our standards.

          15th Management Council of MCST 2644

          Guangzhou Daily

          We have excellent opportunities in acquiring invaluable experience with a diverse portfolio of mixed development, residential, commercial and industrial properties since our inception in 2008. 

          Parc Aston
          Parc Imperial
          Parc Rosewood
          Parc Vera
          Palm Vista
          Pomex Court

          Prestige Heights

          Ria Townhouses
          Rivervale Crest

          Rocca Balestier
          Rosewood Suites
          Space @ Kovan
          Saint Patrick’s Loft
          Serangoon Garden View
          Simei Green

          Singapore Sports Council
          Seletar Park Residence
          Singapore Management University

          SOHO Life
          Soverign @ Simon
          Sunflower Mansions
          Symphony Heights
          Tai Lee Industrial Building
          Tai Keng Court
          Tampines Court
          Techniques Centre
          The Adara
          The Azzuro
          The Bellforte
          The Courtyard
          The Esta

          The Florentine
          The Floridian
          The Lucent
          The Medley

          The Metropolitan
          The Wilshire
          The Vitra
          The Verte
          The Vesta
          Thomson Hills Drive
          Tyrwhitt 139
          The Lucent




          AA Centre
          Amber Residences
          Ann Chuan Complex
          Balcon East
          Bedok Ria Townhouse
          Betime Building
          Blu Coral
          Casa Merah

          Cavendish Park
          Chateau Le Fame
          Cherry Gardens
          D’ Pavilion
          Dunearn Suites
          Dunman View

          Dunsfold 18
          Eastern Lagoon One
          Eastwood Regency
          Empardo Suites
          Enterprise Industrial Building
          Espira Spring
          Far East Plaza
          Fern Lodge

          Grand Regalia

          Heritage East
          Hume Park I
          Hume Park II
          Kim Keat House
          King’s Arcade
          Kemaman Point
          Kew Green Townhouse
          La Vida
          Lake Life

          LHK3 Building
          Marine Mansion
          Nova 88
          Nouvelle Park
          Novelis @ Novena

          Onan Suites
          One Chiltern Drive
          One Oxley Rise
          Palm Vista


          Abacus Group is committed in creating value to both our employees and our clients. As the Apex leader in our industry, we limit to 5 new clients acquisition a year to manage service excellence to our existing clients. When our clients refers to MA, we are reminded of Mighty Abacus, our spirit to embrace change and challenges. Our clients’ compliments and referrals motivated us to who we are today, to strive to be better tomorrow. Contact us and let us win you over.

          Macau Security Force

          Address: 1 Scotts Road #22-11 Singapore 228208
          Website: www.abacuspty.sg
          Main line: 65111811    
          WhatsApp: 65111818
          Email: enquiry@abacusgroup.sg

          Your Message


          We adopt on-the-job interview techniques meticulously in shortlisting the right profile to predict not limited to employee flight risk, efficiency, integrity, effectiveness, combat fraud to preserve our culture so you work with the best the industry can offer. Our Avuncular philosophy (AI) offer great opportunities for interns and graduates to achieve their growth to be the Apex Leaders of tomorrow. 

          When clients refers to MA, we are reminded of (Mighty Abacus) our spirit to embrace change and challenges. We nurture each career development from Technical or Property Officer with a structured career progression path and reward with day-offs when your team achieved milestones. If you wish to be part of our dynamic and talented team, write to hr@abacusgroup.sg with position applied in the subject headline including

          • resume, current and expected salary
          • education certificates and double sided copy of NRIC
          • last 15 months CPF contribution and testimonials


          Leting City

          Ledu Xiang

          General Responsibility 

          An inspiring Corporate Trainer helps employees cultivate their skills and knowledge. You will provide complete training to share your expertise in ways that motivate others.

          Your abilities to convey a message should only be surpassed by a deep knowledge of your field. Organizational skills and a positive attitude are important qualities that you have to possess. The goal is to promote efficiency and competitive advantage by developing the skills of personnel to maintain consistent standard and recognition in the best practitioners in our industry.

          + View MoreZhang Rouwan

          Job Responsibility

          • Liase with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions.
          • Design effective training programs with respect to Building Management including softskils.
          • Conduct periodic review and make recommendations on training curriculum.
          • Conduct public seminars, corporate workshops and individual training sessions
          • Phenomenal communication, presentation and public speaking skills.
          • Manage Training budgets and P&L
          • Support and Mentor employees, past and present workship & seminar participants via our @bacus community forum.
          • Conduct evaluations to identify areas of improvement.
          • Monitor employee performance and response to training.
          • Organise trainees and partners engagement sessions.
          • Conceptualise, coordinate and execute training plans and strategies; carry out advertising, promotions and events to increase participation in our industry and delivery of marketing tools within approved budget.
          • Liase with sponsors and partners for joint partnerships and promotions, with our year end Best Practiioner Gala dinner.

          Job Requirement

          • At least Diploma/ Degree in Estate Management or equivalent.
          • At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
          • Working knowledge of computer software (Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint).
          • Excellent written and oral communication skill, fluent in both English and Mandarin.
          • Self starter, able to work with minimum supervision.
          • Ability to work in team environment.
          • Experience in public speaking, participation in debate team will be preferred.


          Yehenalan rope

          General Responsibility 

          The A &P, Lease and Tenancy Executive and Manager manage the retail spaces of new and existing projects including commercial, industrial and government to ensure the quality and consistent services to clients.

          + View MoreDong Hui Autonomous Township

          Job Responsibility

          • Preparation of document relating to tenancy of the Properties within the Building, including fact sheets for prospective tenants, letter of offer, tenancy agreements and guidelines to carry out fitting-out works.
          • Preparation and administration of Licence Agreement and coordinating handing/taking over o premises.
          • Review and make recommendations on tenants' submission on proposed rental and layout plans.
          • Review tenant mix, taking into consideration all of the offers received for the tender.
          • Address tenants' queries and conduct site visits prior and during fitting out periods to review tenants' store designs in accordance to fit-out guidelines including final inspection after completion of fit-out woks.
          • Prepare circulars and notice, maintain tenancy documents, arrears management, conduct checks on tenants' operating hours.
          • Conduct periodic review including sharing benchmarking studies on rent structure/ tenancy schedule/ lease renewal/ tenant merchandise mix
          • Process termination of leases and license agreements including pre-termination discussions including all renewals, pre-renewal discussions and providing recommendations on renewals.
          • Ascertain hot spots and cold spots within the Properties and implement changes to improve the traffic flow of the Properties.
          • To initiate tenant relation programmes to improve communication flow between the landlord and tenants
          • To ensure maximum occupancy, including recommendation of potential prospects, cold cols and prospecting for suitable tenants.
          • Track tenants' submission of monthly sales and monitor tenants' sales performance.
          • Organise tenants and partners engagement sessions.
          • Conceptualise, coordinate and execute marketing plans and strategies; carry out advertising, promotions and events to increase footfall and tenants' sales by working closely with creative/advertising/ PR agencies in the development and delivery of marketing tools within approved budget.
          • Liase with retailers to secure their commitment to the mall so that cross-promotions can be cultivated.
          • Monitoring of the Traffic Counter System and report footfall and retail behavior.
          • Execute and manage on-ground promotion and event logistics, including the production of all above-the-line and below-the-line communication materials.
          • Liase with tenants and partners for joint partnerships and promotions, with post-event reports.

          Job Requirement

          • At least Diploma/ Degree in Estate Management or equivalent.
          • At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
          • Working knowledge of computer software (Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint).
          • Excellent written and oral communication skill, fluent in both English and Mandarin.
          • Self starter, able to work with minimum supervision.
          • Ability to work in team environment.
          • Knowledge of A&P, Licensing, Lease and Tenancy Management in retail industry.

          Sandu Shui Autonomous Township

          Rain town

          General Responsibility 

          The Portfolio Executive and Manager form part of the First Response Team for deployment in new and existing projects and they are in charge of multiple commercial, industrial and government projects to ensure the quality and consistent services to clients.

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          Job Responsibility

          • Conduct scheduled checks and inspection on grounds to ensure property is well maintained.
          • Ensure building statutory requirements are complied.
          • Ensure compliance of PDPA when developing and implementing policies and processes for handling personal data and alert management to any risks that might arise with regard to personal data
          • Review and recommend replacement/improvement plans for managed sites
          • Provide essential customer service support to the residents and owners.
          • Review and propose quality assurance procedures including cleaning, security, repairs, maintenance, painting, air-conditioning, fire-protection, lifts and emergency procedures.
          • Supervise and manage a team of site staff including cleaning and security contractors.
          • Prepare or assist with monthly and annual narrative reports in accordance with management agreement, including financial data, data on variances to budget, arrears, vacant spaces, details of expenditure, contractor performance, details of defects with the building and remedial action taken.

          Job Requirement

          • At least Diploma/ Degree in Estate Management or equivalent.
          • At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
          • Working knowledge of computer software (Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint).
          • Excellent written and oral communication skill, fluent in both English and Mandarin.
          • Self starter, able to work with minimum supervision.
          • Ability to work in team environment.
          • Knowledge of Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act.

          Minfeng City

          Haiyan County

          General Responsibility

          The client facing and hands-on M & E Executive form part of the First Response Team for deployment in new and existing projects and they are in charge of multiple commercial, industrial and government projects to ensure the quality and consistent services to clients.

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          Job Responsibility

          Your responsibilities as a M&E Executive will be ensuring that the building’s facilities are operated and maintained in a cost effective and reliable way:

          • Provide general administration to all soft and hard services contracts for the building
          • Monitor the key client team representatives to meet the expected service levels
          • Create engineering and operation procedures for technical staff
          • Continuously optimize the internal tools and procedures
          • Manage on-site contractors and vendors to ensure the works done in respect of the contractual agreements
          • Communicate with clients, architects, government representatives, engineers on management and maintenance matters related to the building
          • Track the tenant satisfaction level regarding the facilities management and maintain the excellent working relationships
          • Ensure proper tenant fit-out works and submit recommendations when appropriate
          • Oversee the maintenance services from contractors to ensure conformity with established standards
          • Ensure safety procedures align with HSE policy and standards
          • Plan the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical tasks for facility operations

          Job Requirement

          • Diploma/ Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Facilities Management or other relevant qualification
          • 5+ years in a similar commercial/ residential property management role
          • FSM, GMM or GMFM certifications will be considered as an advantage
          • Excellent written and spoken communication skills

          Wudong Zhen


          General Responsibility

          The Accounts Executive form part of the Accounts Team, in charge of multiple commercial, industrial and government clients to ensure timely financial advisory, support and reporting.

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          Job Responsibility

          • Manage full set of accounts for the portfolio assigned
          • Responsible for Property Management & Operation Filing
          • Answer clients' enquiries pertaining to all relevant property management matters
          • In charge of handover over/ takeover of projects
          • Coordination Works with Project Manager on inventories and defects when handing over/taking over
          • Provide administrative support in the areas of documentation, data entry, filing, reports for operations
          • Conveyance with appointed law agencies and property agents to prepare property sales contracts and agreements

          Job Requirement:

          • Diploma or Degree in Accountancy or equivalent from recognised institutions
          • 1 to 2 years related experience in property industry
          • Good Customer Service Skills
          • Proficient in MS Excel and Words
          • Able to multi-task, meticulous and independent
          • Dynamic, self-driven and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
          • Maintain positive attitude under pressure
          • A team player who is also able to work independently



          Tongren County

          General Responsibility

          The Condominium Manager is responsible for the full administrative, financial and maintenance functions. He/She lead and manage site staff team and client-relationship.  

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          Job Responsibility

          • Review and recommend replacement/improvement plans for managed sites
          • Conduct scheduled checks and inspection on grounds to ensure property is well maintained
          • Ensure building statutory requirements are complied
          • Follow quality assurance procedures including cleaning, security, repairs, maintenance, painting, air-conditioning, fire-protection, lifts and emergency procedures.
          • Supervise and manage a team of site staff including cleaning and security contractors.
          • Prepare or assist with monthly and annual narrative reports in accordance with management agreement, including financial data, data on variances to budget, arrears, vacant spaces, details of expenditure, contractor performance, details of defects with the building and remedial action taken.
          • Ensure compliance of PDPA when developing and implementing policies and processes for handling personal data and alert management to any risks that might arise with regard to personal data

          Job Requirement

          • Degree/Diploma in Building/Estate Management or equivalent
          • Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience
          • Knowledge of Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act
          • Demonstrated oral and written communications skills
          • Good time management and multiple tasking skills.

          Ji'an Town, Tonghua Town

          Zu Yuze

          General Responsibility

          The Property Officer support their Reporting Officer in ensuring the smooth operations and effective management of the facility or building

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          Job Responsibility

          • In charge of facility management, bookings, maintenance of swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, gym, squash and tennis courts, playgrounds, patting green, BBQ pits, function room, games room, etc.

          • Planning, organising activities, decoration during major festive seasons

          • To assist the Reporting Officer in the daily operation and administrative works:

          • Updating work schedule;
          • Attend to check-in and check-out of tenants;
          • Process enquiries/ feedback and remain contactable for clients.
          • Defect list and fixing date of inspection with closing summary of defect list and appointment dates.
          • Process security pass/access card/carpark label.
          • Process deposits and refunds.

          • Follow quality assurance procedures including cleaning, security, repairs, maintenance, painting, air-conditioning, fire-protection, lifts and emergency procedures

          • Ensure compliance of PDPA when developing and implementing policies and processes for handling personal data

          • Coordinate with various team of site staff including cleaning and security contractors to achieve common goals

          • Conduct scheduled checks and inspection, escalate irregularities to management and clients

          • Review and recommend replacement/improvement plans for managed sites.

          Job Requirement

          • Diploma in Building & Estate Management /Building Services or equivalent
          • 1-2 years' experience in estate or facility management
          • Dynamic, independent and able to work under pressure
          • Good interpersonal, communication and writing skills

          Guangping Xiang

          Dingzhou Town

          General Responsibiliy

          The technician carry out all building maintenance work to ensure that the buildings are maintained at the highest standards. 

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          Job Responsibility


          • Daily switching (ON/OFF) of air-con including AHU condensing units, cooling towers, etc.
          • Frequent checking of cooling tower fan motor compressors and water pumps for normal running condition.
          • Regular monitoring of air-con temperature (incoming & return) and pressure (suction & discharge).
          • To check air-con indicator lights for proper condition .
          • Check for comfort level in cases of complaint.
          • Regular inspection for loose belts, filter cleanliness, drain pipe, noisy bearings, control circuit faults and overall functions.
          • Monthly greasing, sealing and cleaning of water pumps.
          • Painting of air-con units and air-con parts whenever necessary.
          • Troubleshoot faults whenever a breakdown of air-con or complaints arises.
          • Supervise and ensure that the monthly routine servicing is properly carried out by air-con contractor.
          • Cleaning of air curtains and mechanical ventilation.

          FIRE ALARM

          • Regular checking of fire alarm main and sub panel for normal operating condition.
          • Frequent checking of water pressure to ensure fire hose-reels are in working condition.
          • Supervise monthly servicing of fire alarm maintenance contractor.
          • Attend to fire activation.


          • Visual inspection of lift for normal operating condition e.g. call or landing buttons, exhaust fans, indicator lights.
          • Inform lift maintenance company of any breakdown.
          • Ensure lift contractor respond within reasonable time.
          • Attend to initial complaints of simple nature.


          • Daily checking of common areas for defective lighting including EXIT, directional signs, toilet lighting and carpark
          • Replacement of defective lighting and fittings.
          • Attend to power failure and trouble shoot short circuit.
          • Regular cleaning of light diffusers.
          • Reset time switches after power failure.


          • Clear chokes.
          • Trace and repair pipe leakage.
          • Repair and replace wash basins, flushing cisterns, gully traps and toilets fittings.
          • Repair overflowing flushing cisterns.
          • Tighten loose points and routine check for leakage.

          SUMP PUMPS

          • Ensure cleanliness of sump pumps.
          • Inspect sump pumps for normal operation during heavy rain.
          • Test run sump pumps quarterly.


          • Servicing, repairing, applying lubricants to doors.
          • Repair/replacement of door frame, door hinges, locks, door closures, etc.
          • Cleaning/wiping of scribbling on doors, walls.
          • Painting/varnishing of doors.


          • Supervise monthly servicing of pest control contractors, or any one-off job undertaken by other contractors.
          • Stand-by for any emergency repair works.
          • Respond to emergency call e.g. power failure.
          • Dispatch letters, circulars, plans, etc. to subsidiary proprietors or residents.
          • Purchase of spare parts or accessories for minor repair works to be carried out.
          • Attend to all complaints.
          • Liaise with other service contractors e.g. security, cleaning.
          • Check and report any general damages or defects found in the condominium.

          Job Requirement

          • ITE / NTC 3 / Nitec qualification
          • Knowledge of basic BMSM Act
          • Dynamic, good multi-task and follow up skills
          • Meticulous and work well in team environment

          Wooded area


          General Responsibility 

          Resident Relations/ Facility Officer supports the Manager in the general administration of the estate/ building/ facility

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          Job Responsibilty

          • Responsible for the common facilities in:

            • The management, bookings, maintenance of all facilities (swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, gym, squash and tennis courts, playgrounds, putting green, BBQ pits, function room, games room).

            • Updating SP list

            • Updating change of address
            • Update master list
            • Defect list and fixing date of inspection and closing summary of defect list and appointment dates.
            • Keying in of data
            • Handing over of security pass / carpark label
            • Collection of Admin fee / Renovation fee / Security Pass
          • Administer the following works:

            • Refund of renovation deposit
            • Refund of other deposits (Security pass / 2nd carpark label / BBQ pits / Function hall)
            • Strata roll

            • Order and keeping track of stationery inventory including office inventory

            • Postage record for mailing
            • Typing of minutes / correspondence / letter
            • Filing and updating of all administrative documents and files and ensure that they are kept and filed in a manner which facilitates their easy retrieval;
            • Registration of movement of key (in key press)
            • Preparation of circular to Subsidiary Proprietors / residents
            • Distributing incoming fax / letters and keeping proper records of correspondences
            • Keeping record of file opened
            • Keeping record of all operation M&E drawing and tracing
            • To assist the Condo / Complex Manager in the following personnel and administrative works :
            • Staff Personnel file - non-management level
            • Update of annual and medical leave record
            • Scanning for 1st interview (non-management level)
            • Negotiate / Sourcing in purchase of budget items for office equipment
            • Keeps the petty cash, if assigned.

            Job Requirement

          • ITE, N, O Level and Diploma qualification
          • 1 to 2 years admin support experience in property managment industry
          • Good customer service skills
          • Proficient in MS Excel and Words
          • Good multi-task skills, dynamic, meticulous and independent


          Abacus and subsidiaries (the “Group”) are committed to conduct business with integrity and high standards of corporate governance and conduct as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. In line with this commitment, the whistle-blowing policy is adopted to provide proper avenues/channels for employees and any other persons to raise or report any concerns/issues about serious wrong doings, misconduct, malpractices or improprieties in matters relating to the Group.
          A dedicated communication channel is established and whistle-blowers may submit the written report by

          a) Sending a letter to:

          Managing Director
          1 Scotts Road #22-11
          Singapore 228208


          b) Sending an email to:


          Malicious or frivolous report made against company official may result in the Company, after proper investigation, taking appropriate action against whistle-blower who abuses the whistle-blowing mechanism.